Magic party games are something exciting for kids. These parties could be made a lot exciting by calling in a professional magician or these may be organized by putting together different magic party games. Tell the kids to be ready for a magic party game and tell them the rules. Play with a song with beats that are great and ask them to dance and wave their magic wands. Then stop the music and the kids who will be waving their wands following the stop command will be removed. This process will go on until the last child standing, who is going to be the winner of this game. To make things exciting, inform them about the prizes at a bag that is closed and ask them to catch their decoration. This magic party game will rush adrenaline through of the kids.

This game is much like Simon Suez, but rather than saying Simon Suez, you are likely to state Wizard Suez, which the kids would adore as magic party games. Receive all the kids in 1 line and state Wizard Saturn Around, the kids will Turn Around and then say Turn Around and if some of these kids turn around, they will be removed from the game. Some of the additional commands which you can give are Boost Your Arm Look Up and some other commands which you could come up with.  continue giving the controls and the kids will be removed till one child survives the game, who are the winner of Do The magic party games That each child who’s a part of the event have some time fun Must be very creative.

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